Multiple Users

Two or more than two users can use the same Account Login for Accounting purposes from a different place and using different devices. One can also have any number of users i.e different for personal and professional work.

Online Version

ADesk has been initially built for people who manage accounting daily and from different places. Hence the cloud version of this GST Accounting Software is entirely online based and you can just use it from any laptop or desktop to complete your Accounting Software needs.

Mobile Version

Mobility is all ADesk has wanted since it has created Cloud-based GST Accounting Software. Hence, in 2018 ADesk also released its first Mobile Application for IOS and Andriod both. You can see reports and invoices from the app as well as add the entries from the app itself.

Top Aspects & Features of Adesk to keep you up in the race of Account Management

Master Section

You can create your Party Master, Item Master, Book Master & every Account Master from this section to start using the software.

Informative Dashboard

You get a brief glimpse of Cash, Bank, Income, Sales, GST Returns, Profit & Loss and much more from this interactive Dashboard.

Financial Reports

Ledger, Sales & Purchase, GST and Expense reports can be easily viewed and downloaded from the reports section.

Free Software Upgrades

This GST Accounting Software updates with new features every month or so if ADesk sees for the requirement in the customer’s needs.

Accounting on Go

ADesk Android & IOS Application helps you to view your Ledgers, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet & much more from the mobile device itself.

Highly Secured Data

Your Data is Highly Secured using SSL Encryption and Google Database & you also get Unlimited Backups.

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