Income Details

All your Sales in the current Financial Year or the Incomes generated in any forms are shown in Income Widget as an uncomplicated Pie-Chart to have a quick glimpse of all your Sales. The Chart could be easily figured out by anyone as it is distinct by different colors.

Expense Details

The Purchases made in the current Financial Year or the direct & Indirect Expenses done by the Company are shown in the form of a Widget in this Expense Section. The Expenses further are categorized and distinct from each other with smooth and straightforward Pie-Chart. These Incomes & Expense Widgets make Dashboard look more explanatory.

Cash & Bank Balance Status

Your current Cash and every Bank Balance status are shown on the dashboard itself in the form of a widget. Your every Bank linked with the ADesk software and every CashBook attached might be having some current balance which is shown green if positive balance and red if the negative balance is there for proper identification.

GST Summary Report

Your GSTR1, GSTR2 and GSTR 3B reports summary are shown on the dashboard to give you a quick glance of all your GST related transactions. You can quickly toggle between the 3 GST reports and also have the facility to download your GST reports from the dashboard itself. There is also a comparison chart of GSTR1 and GSTR2 to give you the difference between your Sales and Purchase.

Top Aspects & Features of Adesk to keep you up in the race of Account Management

Master Section

You can create your Party Master, Item Master, Book Master & every Account Master from this section to start using the software.

Informative Dashboard

You get a brief glimpse of Cash, Bank, Income, Sales, GST Returns, Profit & Loss and much more from this interactive Dashboard.

Financial Reports

Ledger, Sales & Purchase, GST and Expense reports can be easily viewed and downloaded from the reports section.

Free Software Upgrades

This GST Accounting Software updates with new features every month or so if ADesk sees for the requirement in the customer’s needs.

Accounting on Go

ADesk Android & IOS Application helps you to view your Ledgers, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet & much more from the mobile device itself.

Highly Secured Data

Your Data is Highly Secured using SSL Encryption and Google Database & you also get Unlimited Backups.

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